Chaos is not a pit Chaos is a ladder -LittleFinger

Well to one extent it is true..

Most people don’t realize the most radical people benefit from chaos in hence..

People who are naive and easy-going don’t open their eyes..

When some trouble events happen..

Because we have been taught…

Does anyone have close to 20,000 hours in a single game?


I have played full non-stop 20.000 hours, 833 days, 119.04762 weeks, 27.379070 months, AND 2.2815892 years in a MMORPG game called “Tibia”.

This game either ruined my life or give me my main purpose of living…

Before beginning my words I want to adjust some of my perspective on this particular specific subject that I relate to…

I have to…

Why do we even exist? Why are we lonely but still not accept it?

Why do we even exist?

“The great art of life is sensation, to feel that we exist, even in pain.”
Lord Byron

The reason why human being exist is a very rigid question I guess no one briefly can answer this…

Okay let me start by saying some sort of things like Blockchain technology Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Brain computer interface, Quantum Computing, 4D printing, Artificial intelligence Machine learning,Deep learning and etc..

Mate! Before you are reading this I know you have already become catastrophically desperate or really excited to know…

Alperen Oğuz

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